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Gardening Tips

Control your weed problem before it gets too big.

Many people leave weeds to grow and even flower and seed before they do something about them. If you allow weeds to seed you will increase the problem ten-fold. The first step is to hand-weed where possible. Next, use boiling water or herbicide to kill those that can’t be pulled out. Some weeds such as Oxalis with underground bulbs or rhizomes, won’t be killed with boiling water. Lastly, cover with mulch to shade them out. If you don’t have the time, just cut off the flowers before seeding and get back to them later.

Always improve your soil before planting

Growing vegetables is very rewarding, but my most important tip is to add compost, aged manures and some nitrogen fertiliser to the garden bed before planting. Not too much, but enough to get a good, crumbly mix that will hold water and be full of good food for your plants. Fluff up the soil to at least 30 cm deep and water well before and after planting.

Attract pollinators to your vegetable garden

The whole purpose of a vegetable garden is to produce fruits, seeds or tubers for you to eat. In order to produce most of these you need insects to pollinate them, so it makes sense to attract these insects to your garden. The best pollinators are, of-course, bees, but they do not always find your flowers easily. To get them to come to your fruit and vegetable garden, plant some flowering plants nearby, that are highly attractive to bees. One of the best is lavender. Another trick is to put a bunch of flowers in your tomato bed to get them to come.

Try companion planting

Some plants grow well together and others don’t. Just like people, if you have to work with someone you don’t like, you don’t thrive.

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